Endings and Beginnings

So after almost a year, this will be my last post on this blog.  Now, don’t worry, I’m starting a new blog (here), so you can continue to hear about my musings on various topics.

So why end one blog just to start another?  Well, I’m currently in a moment of transition, of endings and beginnings, and felt that now is the right time to shake up my blog as well.  After almost 2 and a half years, I’ve left Guatemala, and will be undertaking a new adventure in London as Program Officer for Impact and Learning with the Transparency and Accountability Initiative.  In addition, I just defended my Ph.D. dissertation, so now I’m Dr. Brendan Halloran.  Both of these transitions entail going from a more specific set of issues and questions that I’ve been grappling with in this blog to a broader array of matters.  My new blog will reflect these wider interests.

So please follow the next iteration of my blog and see what new ideas I’ll be thinking about moving forward.


My Blog

So I started a blog.  Why, you ask?  Well, I decided it was time to organize my thoughts on topics that interest me in a way that would facilitate both future reference (what did I think about that article by so and so…..?) and to, hopefully, participate in dialogue and discussion.

So what can you expect to find, gracing these pages?  It will be dominated by my thoughts, observations and hypotheses on topics such as the following:

  • Urban development in global south
  • Citizenship and citizen participation
  • Urban governance and politics
  • International aid and democracy strengthening
  • Other topics as they come up

I currently live and work in Guatemala City, so much of my focus will be on issues pertaining to that city.  However, I’m interested in these topics writ large, so I will try to make my contributions broadly relevant.

You can also expect to find my thoughts on studies, academic and journalistic articles, reports, cases, etc related to the above themes, again, for my own future reference as well as to contribute to dialogues and debates.

Finally, I’m tantalizingly close to finishing my PhD dissertation, so I’ll pull concise and relevant threads from that tapestry to discuss as well.  Related to this, I am currently involved with the creation of a new NGO here in Guatemala City, which will, among other things, focus on citizen participation, community organization and urban development in the community where I carried out my dissertation research here in Guatemala, so expect some discussion of that as well.

So welcome and please, please comment on anything that piques your interest so that we can start a conversation.